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Transcending Obscurity India/Asia

Fear from the Skies (Heavy Metal)

by ALBATROSS (Mumbai, India)

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Travis Niemeyer
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Travis Niemeyer Quirky, circus-like, and a bit sinister - this is very unique for the style, which is HEAVY FUCKIN' METAL. King Diamond fans, like me, will find something here and there to smirk at in approval. \m/
Vatsal Purohit
Vatsal Purohit thumbnail
Vatsal Purohit 'Fear from the Skies' is an excellent debut album! The songs are quite tastefully written and what appeals to me the most is how they match the narrative of the stories in the album. By doing so, they manage to capture my imagination such that each song is drawn out vividly in my mind. The solos in the album are quite beautifully written and Bipro has some great moments as well! Hope this band sticks around! Favorite track: The Empire of Albatross.
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Albatross, arguably India's most well-known heavy metal band, release their debut full length on Transcending Obscurity India. After releasing two well known albums, one EP and one split, the members have spent years perfecting their magnum opus titled 'Fear from the Skies'. With impeccable production values, every note is cleanly heard, every chord strikes a deadly blow and equipped with exceptional storytelling skills, the album resonates as a chilling two-fold concept well after it is over. From the fictional character "Jugglehead the Clown" to the tale of the "flying assassin" this album has a lurid lyrical theme brought to life by the juicy and vibrant clean singing vocals of Biprorshee Das, punctuated by the classy solos of three guitarists in the band. In every department Albatross shine like no other, rich in compositions, execution and memorability.


released May 20, 2015

Line-up -
Dr. Hex - Bass
Biprorshee Das - Vocals
Vigneshkumar Venkatraman - Guitars
Nishith Hegde - Guitars
Varun Singh - Guitars
Jay Thacker - Drums

Artwork - Scribble Bandit (Rahul Chacko)

Facebook -

Code: TOI 03 (third official release on Transcending Obscurity India)



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Albatross Mumbai, India

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Track Name: Intro - Advance
Hey little buddy, sitting by the road,
Go home now, the hour is late
There have been murders about
You don't want a similar fate

Stop crying little one, speak up now
For there is evil in the air
What's that I see in your hand?
Tickets to the Raptorsville Fair?
Track Name: The Raptorsville Fair
Bearded ladies, 8 foot men
Balloon sellers, lion's den
Shooting galleries, candy stalls
At Raptorsville Fair, there's something for all!

Hooded priests & prophecies
Ancient words that spread disease
Mayor's ashes, from town hall
At Raptorsville Fair, there's something for all!

Flamethrowers, a castle of ice
Kissing booths, and kissing flies
Rides that rise and rides that fall
At Raptorsville Fair there's something for all!

Solo: Varun

So come to the best show in town
Good little boys can meet the clown
Go on dear lad, don't you stall
At Raptorsville Fair, there's something for all!
Track Name: Jugglehead the Clown
Sometimes when you're feeling lost
Sometimes when you're feeling down
You need a little cheering up
From Jugglehead the Clown

Giddyup, little boy
The finest rides of Raptorsville
All await your tiny soul
To give you ultimate thrills

They'll take you up
They'll take you down
They'll take you
Deep underground
Amidst the bodies
of those murdered
Why scared?
Don't you shudder

Solo: Nishith
Solo: Vignesh

And then if you're a good boy
I'll let you on a special ride
The world's greatest Ferris Wheel
One that kisses the sky

Solo: Varun

Do you dare to take the the ride
Or are you a boy that cries?
You don't need tickets, it's free
Just you, the clouds and me!

Solo: Nishith
Track Name: Children of the Cloud
We lift off the ground
Hurtle towards the cloud
Leave your worries behind

As the clouds draw near
Your worries disappear
Only smiles you will find

But to be a proud
Child of the cloud
Your task you must fulfill
Your parents you will kill

Let's play a little game
Things will never be the same

Keeping you confined
In your little cells
Taking away all the fun
And making life hell
Here's your chance
To make them pay
Then among the clouds
Forever you can play

We've reached the cotton-candy
Playground in the clouds
Your friends await you
Beaming ever so proud
They've all killed their folks
And are free of their chains
They rode this ride before
And they will ride again

All it takes is a stroke
To strike them head
I'll help you celebrate
My juggling my own head
Slowly I detach
My head is not attached
See hahahahaha I juggle
See me hahahah no struggle

You had your share of fun now
In this ground in the cloud
It's time to go down again
Back on to the ground
Do visit us again
And tell me if you like how this sounds
Let's not rest until
You strike your parents down

Solo: Vignesh
Solo: Nishith

You are children of the cloud
You won't rest till you strike your parents down

Solo: Vignesh
Track Name: Outro - Fold
So you are the children of the cloud,
Who've been murdering parents across town?
But you're from the orphanage down the way!
If you've got no parents to kill, who will you slay?

What...what's that glimmer in your eyes...NO....NO...NOOOOOOOO!
Track Name: In the Lair of Dr.Hex
The rebellion had been crushed,
All hope, they said, was gone,
But in this dank, putrid room,
A new assassin was born!

Welcome, to my lair
You are awake, now be aware
My friend, you look vexed
You can call me Doctor Hex

You were taken in stealth, when the battle was lost
Escaping the blood, and away from the force
The rebellion crushed, our plans were all foiled
The blood of our brothers, still lies on the soil

But now you will rise
Bring death from the skies

Inside your back, the seeds have been sown
The world you have known, you will now disown
Our one true hope, you must bear the cross
Unfurl your wings, reborn Albatross

Destruction you'll bring
So warrior, take wing

Solo: Vignesh
Solo: Nishith

With your wings, bring us salvation
With your claws, an assassination
From your flight, a new order will rise
The Albatross, fear from the skies!

Solo: Nishith

Rise above, now ascend higher
We'll build today, our own empire
Through the pain, and friends that we've lost
We'll raise the sign...of Albatross!
Track Name: A Tale of Two Tyrants
There he stands, the scoundrel King
Surrounded by his scoundrel guard
Our plan is to take him quick
Hit him strong and hit him hard

As you sweep down and take his throat
The despot, he exists no more
My men surround him and take his crown
The empire comes crumbling down

And now the king is dead
Rest in spikes does his head
Maim those he called his own
As I ascend the throne.

Solo: Vignesh

And as my first decision
I order you imprisoned
You are my biggest threat
Winged assassin, you're sentenced to death!

You, my soldier distinguished
Forever will be extinguished
I announce a grand banquet
We celebrate your doomed fate

Solo: Nishith

And no sign must still remain
Of the kind that ruled this place
From the ashes of all that's lost
We raise the empire of Albatross

Take down what remains
Leave no trace of the king
An Albatross shall be carved in stone
And unveiled at dining
Track Name: The Empire of Albatross
Intro: Vignesh

In hundreds they come, richly clad
Ladies and their noblemen
Men of honour, men of class
In throngs they do attend
Gaily they tread down
To a hall as bright as day
And as it approaches midnight
Their new King makes his way

In admiration they gaze
Awestruck and amazed
Is he the one that they seek?
He takes the stand and speaks
'The terror that roamed the land
The accursed Albatross
Was killed at my request
All hope is not lost'

(Whispers- But what're those voices we hear, are they only in our head?)

From the death of the old king
A new order we shall bring
An end to the holocaust
The empire of Albatross

Solo- Vignesh

'Tonight the past dies
A new Empire will rise
At the stroke of midnight
Witness my new delight
Revealing my symbol
An unveiling I've planned
A giant stone Albatross
Will rule forever this land'

(Whispers- But what're those voices we hear, are they from the dead?)

From the death of the old king
A new order we shall bring
An end to the holocaust
The empire of Albatross

As the clock struck twelve
The King pulled back the veil
The guests looked in glee
And as one began to wail
For a masterpiece they saw
An Albatross stood tall
But then it cracked like glass
Little by little it began to fall

Gasps & screams, and shouts were heard
There stood Man-bird with wings unfurled
The killer of kings, the ruler of bird,
At his cry, the birds did fly
And yes, they pecked...he watched all die
The Emperor Hex, he groaned and cried

The empire of Albatross crumbled that day!
The Albatross empire, crumbled that day!